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Grandson of Bruno Fusato Signoretti, the mythical founder of  B.F. Signoretti, Alex Signoretti was born in 1996 and, after completing his studies, he has decided to walk the difficult path of apprenticeship to become a master glassmaker and be able to work in the family furnace in Murano.

Alex Team

The tradition continues

Humbly and enthusiastically, Alex has started the traditional ancient art of Murano glass. He has worked with Maestro Pino Signoretto and, after his death, he has collaborated with his nephew Martino Naia Signoretto to refine the ability to emphasize the taste of the search for detail. He has carried out various stages with Masters Barbaro and Tagliapietra to complete his experience in the field of artistic glass, from vases to figurines.

The future of glass art

Today Alex and his new team of masters collaborate in our furnace in the design and construction of an innovative product line called: TEAM BF SIGNORETTI. Alex Signoretti is already a certainty and a great hope for the future of Murano glass art and his works are proof of this.

Luna con cavallo

Lunalex Collection

Alex, after his apprenticeship in Tagliapietra and Pino Signoretto’s furnaces, continued to refine and emphasize the taste for the search for the particular. Alex with his sister Luna are projecting an innovative line with creativity and technique such as the incalmo working process which consists in hot coupling two shapes blown along their circumference in order to obtain in the same object the suggestive meeting of differentiated zones in the same art piece and usually, of a different color. This technique is used in vases, sculptures and centerpieces making them unique work of art.

Green Art Collection by Lunalex

As a Glass artist, Alex shares part of the responsibility of that change on the production. We now have more information and knowledge regarding the impact of certain materials and uses. We have that vision of future and how it will impact in the environment, and as well as looking to the past to recover another way to produce and consume more sustainably. He remembers the past while producing in the present while his works will brighten the future.