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Walter Furlan was born in 1931 in Chioggia; he began as an apprentice by one of the most famous glass masters of the island, Romano Tosi. In the early seventies he entered the Seguso Vetri D’arte glassworks, under the guidance of Maestro Angelo Seguso and the designer Mario Pinsoni from whom he learned the processing of submerged and stylized glass, characteristic of the designs of Prof. Favio Poli, becoming the most faithful interpreter .

Walter Furlan’s passion for artists such as Chagall, Modigliani, and especially for Picasso, led him to reproduce famous pictorial subjects in glass: his Maria Theresa, his Dora Maar and his Picassian bulls, as well as the figures of Modigliani, are among his most recognizable and appreciated works.

Picasso himself authorized Walter Furlan to interpret his paintings during the Cubist period, giving them a third dimension within his glass sculptures. Since his death in 2018, his son Mario Furlan has continued his work with great skill and professionalism.