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Alessandro Barbaro, the Master Glassmaker who completes concepts and ideas by using large scissors and heavy metal tools and forging glass in an environment that would seem absolutely unsuitable and inhospitable to the transparent and fragile material.

But from the high temperatures and the colored sands emerge, thanks to Alessandro’s “touch”, the gracefulness and lightness of moving horses, the plastic feline aggression of tigers and lions and the dynamically interpreted elegance of fallow deer and gazelles. Barbaro is a master of form and anatomy. Able to convey an emotion, an intent or a passive truce of those exotic creatures.

He has amazed the international panorama of glass art with the Colosseum sculptural group exhibited at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and with the double fountain exhibited at the Hotel Europa and Regina. It is also part of the private collections of Marlo Thomas, the McDonald’s family, Elton John and Madonna.