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Martino Naia Signoretto was born in Venice in 1990. His passion for glass began in early ages his father being a glassmaker anf Martino himself nephew of the great Pino Signoretto. After finishing the artistic high school, where he has affirmed and developed his artistic skills, he has begun to assist his grandfather as a “serventino”.

Thus he has started to know the techniques of glass working by learning them directly from the Master and his assistants. Assisting Pino Signoretto, considered the best glass master in the world and famous for his eclecticism, has allowed him to learn the techniques of Murano glass processing.

When his grandfather passed away, he has become the master glassmaker of Signoretto Furnace, where he creates his own works. He collaborates in the creation of the works of various artists and designers such as Hiroko Ueki, Marc Quinn, Ritva Liisa Pohjalainen, Oiva Toikka, Markku Piri, Harri Koskinen, Illka ​​Suppanen Adel Abdessemed.