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Maurizio Toso Borella was born in Murano in 1959. Although he belongs to one of the best-known Murano families (Francesco Toso Borella was the greatest Murano glass decorator of the late 1800s), Maurizio was not born a master glassmaker, but after completing his studies, his passion for ancient family art grows within him.

Successful designer, profound connoisseur of the history and traditions of Murano, Maurizio Toso Borella is a well-known and esteemed character on the island. Many of his creations have received acclaim and recognition all over the world.

During his working experience Maurizio Toso Borella has collaborated with numerous artists and painters such as his brother Marco Toso Borella and Enrico Dal Fiume, creating unforgettable works of art. His particular chromatic vision, so clean and accurate and his undisputed competence are the characteristics of all his creations, making his style unique and easily identifiable.