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Our company has decided to form a Team of Masters giving life to new collaborative initiatives. Artists who lend their work exclusively for the new collections. The creation of the new contemporary Works made in our Furnace is signed by Team BF Signoretti. Our challenge is combining ancient techniques with the search for innovation to create new concept works.

Thanks to the highly specialized departments, Venetian chandeliers are made in Rezzonico, Pastoral and Contemporary style in our furnace with the unmistakable Signoretti Design style. Our whole production keeps the charm and tradition of Murano glass art intact with the aim of creating refined, original, high quality works, intended to embellish the environments in which they are placed.

Our skilled glassmakers

shape the creative flair of architects and designers in our furnace

in the continuous search for new expressive languages ​​by offering their professional contribution to meet specific and personalized needs.


Our collections, refined works with complex processes where nothing is left to chance. Exclusive creations, unique or limited edition pieces. Authentic masterpieces made entirely by hand according to the ancient traditional techniques of Venice and the island of Murano, the most authentic expression of the Venetian craftsmanship that the whole world envies us.

Majestic chandeliers, sculptures, timeless refinement blown objetcs, Venetian artistic mirrors and furnishing accessories created with the greatest aesthetic balance capable of adapting to any environment, becoming synonymous with a lifestyle.