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Bruno Fusato Signoretti


The traces of Fusato date back to 1447, when they followed the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni from Bergamo to Venice. The rowing tradition, the love for Venice and the family decorum have thus been handed down over the centuries.

The grandfather Vincenzo “Cencio Signoretti” was chosen by the Kaiser for his trips in the lagoon and the father Luigi was the official gondolier of Princess Margaret and her Majesty Elizabeth II of England in their visits to Venice.

Bruno Fusato began the traditional profession of his ancestors, carrying out the intense work of the gondolier. So the very young Bruno has the fate marked by the dynasty. He was one of the leading figures in the world of Venetian gondola and he embodied the lagoon traditions thanks to a spirit leading him to range from theater to glass, from solidarity to Venetian style rowing. A man in one piece but loved and respected especially among gondoliers, who belonged to a family that since 1600 had carried on this typical Venetian tradition.

He had grown up in that environment, and he wanted to stay there so as not to break the centuries-old tradition of his family. He had worked at Saint Mark’s Pier, where his colleagues respected him for his commitment, friendship, professionalism and human skills. As a young man he had also had the opportunity to participate in the Historical Regatta, and he carried on throughout his life these passions by directly sponsoring the regattas and the champions to whom he was very attached to. But he attracted the traditions of Venice.

In 1986 he decided to found a glass company in Murano bearing his name, BF SIGNORETTI, specialized in the production of chandeliers, blown glass and mirrors; he made an artistic and artisanal pole out of it, a solid reality where tradition, entrepreneurship and solidarity merge together. Bruno Fusato became an esteemed entrepreneur on an international level over the years, as he received the academic recognition of Doctor Honoris Causa in Business Administration.

Bruno Fusato’s story is full of love for his roots, always in solidarity with those in difficulty, participating in Venetian initiatives, inspired by the desire of committing to the community. As he wanted to do more in his activities, he became a worthy member of  La Fenice Grand Theater, sponsoring costly restorations of works of art and when the Grand Theater was ​​destroyed by fire in 1996,  he was the first private subscriber to its reconstruction. He was awarded the title of Commendatore of Italian Republic.

He was also named Knight of Saint Mark and he previously also entered the Templar Council. But in New York, in the United States, one of the greatest satisfactions takes off: the Columbia Association awarded him as “Citizen of the Year” (Special Recognition Award for his dedication to the education and well-being of the community of New York) by the President of the Columbia Association of the Fire Department of the City of New York, Mr Keith Tanico.

Bruno Fusato Signoretti passed away in 2014. We like to remember him with the words spoken while he was awarded the title of Commendatore della Repubblica, today resonating as an authentic testament:

To me the institution has always depicted the highest authority. I have always offered respect and love to our system and to the Constitution, so this recognition honors and moves me, because I feel repaid by the Republic for my efforts both as a citizen, a gondolier and then as an entrepreneur. I dedicate this honor to my three grandchildren: they are the future. But also to all young Venetians, may they understand that the teachings of the elderly, honesty, industriousness and loyalty to the word given can win and be recognized.

B.F. Signoretti