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Tradition and entrepreneurial spirit

Bruno Fusato Signoretti created our company from the past but with a look to the future, a philosophy of life and a boundless love for the deep traditions of the Serenissima Republic, a culture born among the channels and emerging from the fog of the past as a dream.

Born on 30 December 1939 in Venice, Bruno Fusato Signoretti started the traditional art of his ancestors from an early age and was soon known and appreciated as a reference point in the tourism by showing unusual business skills, first operating in the organization of tourist flows to the glassworks, then opening shops in London and eventually founding a glass factory himself.

In 1986 Bruno Fusato purchased a disused factory on the island of Murano, restructured it and began the production, exhibition and sale of glass works of art, handcrafted masterpieces designed by the most renowned custodians of this ancient art.


Always with the same passion

In 2014, when Bruno Fusato passed away, the business passed into the hands of his daughters who continue the history of this company. The most important works of each period are still reproduced today, but the traditional creative spirit seeks new forms to express contemporary motifs.

Elisabetta, Barbara and Maria Luisa are beautiful, cheerful, smiling, enthusiastic, firmly anchored to the nodal points of the company. They have always collaborated in running the family business and continue to carry on the values ​​handed down by their father with dedication and passion.

Elisabetta, General Manager, Barbara, Product Manager and Maria Luisa, Administrative consultant, three women in command who with enthusiasm, resourcefulness, determination and foresight have had the ability to look at their past without nostalgia but with the desire to recover handed down values, renew a promise and imagine new future scenarios. Today the Brand B.F. SIGNORETTI cooperates with important interior designers and supplies in prestigious international projects. The strong point is the development of Custom Made projects.


Looking at the future

It is Alex, Luna and Lorenzo, Bruno Fusato’s grandchildren, who trace the future of the Signoretti glassworks.

Alex, born in 1996, has always shown a passion for glass: since he was a child he went to the furnace to observe the work of the master glassmakers trying to learn their techniques and steal their secrets. After completing his studies, he decided to take the difficult path of apprenticeship to become a master glassmaker with the strong desire to help keep the ancient art of the island’s master blowers alive. An art increasingly endangered. Today Alex creates his own line of products with modern and captivating lines.

A passion born in the family, inherited by her grandfather also for Luna, Alex’s sister, born in 1998 who also becomes part of the company after her study completion. Strongly motivated and determined, Luna is dedicated to administrative aspects and the development of innovative projects.